M’OUDSWING – The brainchild of a Moroccan and American musician, M’oudswing introduces jazz to a Middle Eastern/North African audiences, and showcases Arabic Jazz for the western audiophile in the USA, and perhaps creates a new breed of listener.

M’Oudswing was conceived after a chance meeting between oud player Karim Kadiri and keyboardist Barry Sames in early 2003, and the duo soon enlisted Chilean saxophonist Anibal Rojas, Lebanese percussionist Joe Tayoun, and American bassist Dave Brodie, and drummer Dave Brown.

This “Moroccan Jazz” layers oud melodies with modal jazz improvisation over original odd meter grooves. The group has performed in many festivals in Morocco, including Tangier, Jazzablanca and Mawazine, played various festivals in the USA, and have interest in some European festivals for 2015

Un pari très largement gagné.

Le Festival Tanjazz n’a plus rien à prouver. La manifestation artistique est d’une très grande qualité, comme toujours. Mais cette treizième édition a poussé un peu plus les limites en permettant au public de découvrir Karim Kadiri, un talentueux luthiste marocain. Celui-ci a réussi le pari de glisser ses notes parmi celles d’instruments à vent, puis de les laisser s’imposer et même, parfois, prendre le pas. Une très belle symbiose

“Oh God, this is great! … not often heard here in my country, Denmark. It’s lovely to listen to jazz – whatever it is – with roots in Swedish folktone, with East European Jewish beat – and now with M’Oud Swing with Moroccan roots. It makes the World bigger and better… – Joern Gade, internet Music Fan, Denmark

“Within the framework of highly skilled jazz fusion, M’Oud Swing adds Moroccan, Egyptian and Flamenco influences into the music. This is high energy fusion spiced with North African essences.”
A. Romero- World Music Connection